Bible Storytelling Festivals

Learn how to tell engaging Bible Stories

We host a Bible storytelling festival in Columbus, Indiana every year.  We’ve learned a lot and want to help you host a day dedicated to the accurate sharing of God’s amazing story and His amazing stories.  We are just starting the process so check back often or email us at if you are interested in hosting a festival.

Every Bible Story Online

We also have a goal of putting every Bible story online.  We plan on putting the stories in chronological order as well as by topics.  Our hope is to help families and individuals be amazed by the awesome God behind these amazing stories.

We also want to train other story tellers

The third major goal of Amazing Bible Stories Inc. is to teach others how to tell Bible stories effectively.  We will have a series of lessons on how to stay true to the text and tell the story in a way that makes people praise a very praise worthy God.  We are just starting so please be patient!

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